Tow Whee Sling Accessory with Carabiner, Green

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The TowWhee tow rope is an ideal solution for families who want to climb together with children who are not yet able to climb these climbs. The rope is elastic so that the pulling force gradually increases. It stretches from 150cm to 430cm. The strong material around the elastic prevents the elastic from stretching too much. With Tow Whee you can tow up to 225kg! Since the rope is elastic, it does not get tangled in the wheel at each end of the climb. When you start to pull, the child will not just be pulled from behind to lose balance. The child feels that you are an easy help and will not just stop pushing. In this way, quite incidentally, he will gain strength and fitness for his own ascents. You can also use it in the opposite direction and control the child's speed on descents.
Of course, it also works on adults, if one is less prepared than the other.
Or with an electric bike - in the relationship it's as if we both have an electric bike.
The rope is easily placed around your child's handlebars and attached to your seat and works great on its own. You can also add an additional loop with a quick-release carabiner that stays on the towed bike, so you can unfasten it faster at the top of the hill. There is also a loop with a strap, which the child then holds on the handlebars and allows him to quickly descend.

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