Wasup is a privately owned family business. We like to sup paddle, cycle and, when necessary, also do a little fitness (although I prefer to lie in a hammock ;)). The company was kind of born out of the things we like to do. That's why we know what we're selling pretty well. In any case, we are not nearly as big as some domestic or foreign competition, and therefore perhaps some details are not at the same level.  But I always pick up the phone 041 620 788 and am available for information. Even in case of possible problems with our items (and often with some others as well). Best is if you come to the showroom, where we can show you our products. Many things can also be tested and/or rented. You will always get honest and quality information. I prefer to communicate via email, I also pick up the phone if it's handy and I'm not with a client. I also check Messenger, but sometimes it takes a while...

Also important information:

The online store wasup.si is the property of the company:
Wasup doo
Verovškova ulica 60a,
1000 Ljubljana

Email: info@wasup.si

Phone: +386 41 620 788 Žan or +386 40 867 867 Gregor
Website: http://www.wasup.si

Date of entry of the entity in the court register: 30.11.2017

Registration authority: Ljubljana District Court
Entry serial number: 12184100
Identification number: 8097836000
Tax number: SI96542446
Abbreviated company: WASUP doo
Headquarters: LJUBLJANA
Business address: LJUBLJANA, Verovškova ulica 60a, 1000 LJUBLJANA
Legal organizational form: Limited liability company doo
share capital: EUR 250,000.00