- Paddle, pump, bag, safety line - everything you need in one package - The lite packages also include a kayak paddle and a kayak seat!

The Wasup brand is, of course, our in-house, Slovenian sup desk brand. With quality, we are in the middle class, with the price, we try to approach low-priced ones.

Our boards are made in Shark's factory, using Shark's technology, which guarantees quality and a long lifespan.

The design of the boards is the work of the Slovenian designer Bojan Pavšek from the Opa!celica studio, who is also an avid paddler himself.


Shark fusion technology

Wasup boards are made with double-layer Shark fusion technology. In the set, you get a very high-quality bag, a good aluminum paddle, a good HP two-way pump, a safety leash...

Wasup Lite boards are made with quality single-layer technology. The precision of the manufacturing here is Shark's too, and that's why we offer a 2-year warranty even for single-layer boards. In this set you also get a 4 piece sup/kayak paddle and a kayak seat. For everyone who wants to use the sup also as a kayak.


All Wasup sup boards are intended for family use. They are all 15 cm thick and 81 to 84 cm wide. Lengths range from 32 to 350 cm. The basic rule is that a board is more stable if it is wider and faster, if it is narrower and longer...


Maybe someone is interested in how the sup board is made?

Printing and cutting

Dropstitch material is printed and then laser cut. The threads you see in the picture are the most important thing about a sup board. These threads hold the upper and lower surfaces together. The quality of the sup depends on the number and strength of these threads. The second part is the upper and lower surface itself. In double-layer boards, this surface is double-layered - that is, stronger. In the past, glue was applied by hand to the first layer and then another layer was added. Hence the name double-layer technology. The boards thus weighed 20 kg each. Today, these two layers are no longer glued, but welded - hence the name double-layer fusion technology. Each factory has its own and can name it in its own way. Today, in practice, this means that a stronger double-layer material or a cheaper single-layer material already arrives at the factory. Since the materials are much better than in the past, today it is possible to make a good board even with single-layer materials. However, this has limitations in the weight of the padler - less material, less permitted weight.

Gluing the rail

Then the first rail strip is glued to the board. Once that's done, the threads are inside. Here, of course, precision in manufacturing is very important. If you look at the cheapest boards, you will often notice some irregularities and inaccuracies along the rail. Shark uses precise manufacturing processes that are the result of years of experience. Workplaces are equipped with air extractors so that as little dust as possible flies through the air. Especially with single-layer boards, it is very important how they are made. The material is strained to the maximum and therefore a larger dust particle or a fingerprint in the place where it should hold and the board will not hold air.

Installing the valve

At the same time as the rail, the valve is also installed on the board. Of course, this too can be of more or less quality. But above all, it is important that it is installed accurately.

For this purpose, the upper side is cut into the dropstitch material. This means that at the valve site, the threads of the sup are not held together. This is why you can usually see a bubble under the valve on the underside. Of course, most manufacturers stick a fin box in this place below, and the matter is therefore not noticeable. If you still manage to find and see such a bubble, let me trust you that this is normal and there is no need to panic. There is simply no other way.

Gluing another rail strip

Then another rail strip is glued to the board. This completely covers the first and it is an additional safety. This is also the outer rail of the sup board and in Shark's boards it is made of a strong material that gives the board stability and greater load capacity.

All Wasup boards have two rail strips (also single-layer!). Be aware that some producers claim their board have double layer technology but they are actually single layer with double rail. Not the same!

Beware especially of the cheapest boards, which may have only one rail and are therefore much more sensitive and have a shorter lifespan.

Gluing the non-slip eva base, handles and d-rings

Next comes the gluing of the non-slip eva base. Of course, this material is also available in different thicknesses and qualities. For the Wasup boards, we chose a thicker one, which is more comfortable and durable.

D-rings are the rings to which we then attach various things. 4 you need to install the bungee cargo net (also available on Wasup boards in matching colors). In the back you need a ring to install the safety leash. If you want to attach a kayak seat to the sup board, you need an additional 4 rings.

All sup boards have a carrying handle in the middle. It can be an ordinary thin strip. On Wasup boards you will find a soft neoprene handle. On the better two-layer boards, we added a handles also at the front and back, so that the board can also be carried by two less strong people...

Quality control

At Shark, the boards are then inflated to 16psi and left for 48 hours to check if they hold air.

This is followed by a visual inspection of all glued parts and installation of an elastic cargo net.


Then the boards are deflated and put into a bag. They add all the accessories (leash, pump, repair kit...). Then everything is loaded into a shipping container and we hope that it will be with us in 2 months!


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