Kako nastane napihljiva Wasup sup deska?

The Wasup brand is our in-house, Slovenian sup board brand. In terms of quality, it belongs to the middle class, but with the price we try to approach low-cost boards. The boards are manufactured in Shark's factory, using Shark's technology to ensure quality and longevity. The board design itself is the work of Slovenian designer Bojan Pavšek. Allround boards of various dimensions and designs are available. View the offer in our online store .

1. Cutting and printing

The basis for the inflatable sup is dropstitch material. It is a special material that holds the upper and lower surfaces together with the help of small threads and gives the board strength. Another important thing is the top and bottom surface of the sup. In the case of double-layer boards, it is made of two layers, which means that it is stronger and more resistant. The two layers used to be glued together, making the boards heavy, but nowadays the two layers are welded with the help of heat. Usually, the single- or double-layer material arrives at the factory, where it is printed with selected motifs and laser-cut.

2. Gluing the edge

The first edge tape is glued to the board, which closes the threads inside the sup. Accuracy is extremely important here. Shark uses precisely defined and tested procedures in the production of sup boards, and the workplaces are equipped with special air extractors to keep dust and particles flying through the air. The precision of production is even more important with single-layer boards, since the material is weaker, and a small particle of dust or a fingerprint at the joint can quickly cause a leak..

3. Installing the valve

At the same time as the edge, the valve is also installed on the board. This too can be of more or less quality, but more than that it is important that it is installed accurately. Because the valve is cut into the material on the top side, there are no threads to connect the sup together. Therefore, a bubble can often appear on the underside under the valve. Most manufacturers put a fin box in this place, but if you still find and see such a bubble, do not worry, it is something normal and there is no need to panic.

4. Gluing another edge strip

After installing the valve, another rail tape is glued to the board. This completely covers the first and serves as protection. In Shark's soups, it is made of strong material, which gives the board additional stability and greater load-bearing capacity. Quality brands, including newer models of Shark SUPs, stick a third protective strip over this edge, which strengthens the board even more. Only the best brands no longer glue these rail tape together, but heat weld them. This makes the process very expensive and the technology has so far only been perfected by Starboard.

Wasup boards, both single and double layer, have two rail tapes. The cheapest boards can also have only one rail layer and are therefore much more sensitive and have a shorter lifespan.

5. Gluing the non-slip base, handles and d-rings

This is followed by gluing the non-slip eva base. Of course, this material is also available in different thicknesses and qualities. For the Wasup boards, we chose a thicker one, which is more durable and more comfortable for longer use. D-rings are rings to which we attach various items and are necessary for installing an elastic net for cargo, for attaching a kayak seat, etc.

All sup boards also have a carrying handle in the middle. It can be an ordinary thin strap, but on Wasup boards you will find a soft neoprene handle, which is much more comfortable to carry, especially for longer distances. On the better two-layer boards, we have added a handle in front and back, so that the board can be carried by two people.

6. Quality control and packaging

Quality control is done by inflating the boards to 16 psi and leaving them for 48 hours to see if they hold. This is followed by a visual inspection of all glued parts and installation of an elastic cargo net. Then the board is deflated, folded into a bag and all the associated equipment is added – paddle, fin, repair kit and pump. Then everything goes into a shipping container and into our showroom.

Take a look at the Wasup sup offer here . In the set, in addition to the inflatable board, you also receive a 3-piece adjustable paddle, a double action pump, a carrying bag, a safety leash, fin, a repair kit and a 2-year warranty. In wasup lite models you also get kayak paddle and a seat. 

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