Kako svoje supanje dvigniti na višji nivo?

The new year is upon us, and in the blink of an eye, we will be back on our feet and enjoying all the joys that this sport offers us. If you are already making sailing plans for this season, read some of our ideas with which you will raise your sailing to a higher level in the coming year.


  1. Try paddling with your dog

You have a four-legged friend and you haven't tried putting it on soup yet, they don't know what they're missing. Swimming with your dog is great, especially if your pup can't resist water. However, walking with a dog is not as easy as it seems at first glance. It takes a lot of patience and persistence to keep your puppy calm and calm on the soup. Start on dry land to familiarize the puppy with the soup, and continue in calm and shallow water to first get used to the feeling. Treats will be your best weapon, but don't force it on the vulture. When walking with a dog, always ensure its safety by using a life jacket.
  1. Paddling with camping

Multi-day camping trips are becoming more and more popular with SUP enthusiasts who enjoy unspoilt nature. In our country, the strict regulations for camping in nature are a big obstacle, but that doesn't have to be an excuse not to do it. One of the options is to choose such locations where you have the possibility of lodging by the water, for example by longer rivers or larger lakes. Another option is to go on a Supar camping tour to another country, with somewhat milder rules for camping in nature, for example Italy, France, Norway... In any case, before the trip, make sure you have a good route planning and suitable equipment .
  1. Explore new locations

We believe that you have already visited many locations at home and abroad with your soup, but there is still some unexplored corner to be found. Look at our sup map , where more than 50 sup locations, suitable for different levels of experience, are collected in one place. If you know of a location that we don't know about yet, we will be very happy if you share it with us and other members of our community. Sharing is caring!
  1. Try sup yoga

If you are already a master at standing on the soup, can handle an unexpected wave without any problems or even master walking up and down the soup, yoga on the soup is the next logical step to further improve your swimming skills. Not only is it great recreation and relaxation, you will also improve your balance and stability by exercising on the soup. Of course, soup yoga does not mean that you have to start with standing or similar demanding asanas. To begin with, you can try downward and upward facing dog, lunge, warrior, cat, cow, arrow position... and only then more challenging positions, such as standing on one leg, bridge, headstand...
  1. Buying a new soup

One of the easiest ways to take your surfing to a higher level is to buy new surfing equipment. Even though your soup is still flawless and has only been around for years, you will be surprised and impressed by the advancements in technology since your last purchase. Maybe it's time to switch from an all-rounder to a travel sup, which is faster. Are you expanding your passion for water sports into other areas, such as windsurfing? You can try Supar's novelties or other board shapes on our test days, which we expect to start in the spring.
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