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Izdelke na zalogi lahko pogledate in kupite tudi v 500m2 velikem skladiščno razstavnem prostoru na Verovškova 60a, 1000 Ljubljana

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The Original model has been on the market since 1982. Made according to CoolShoe standards. The unique "rocking chair" shape of the sole ensures comfortable and carefree wearing regardless of the surface.

  • Because it's wide, it works great even on soft sand, because you don't sink into it.
  • Because there is still quite a bit of slipper around the toes. you will be kicking rocks only with your slipper and not with your toes when stumbling over rocks.
  • Because they have a thick and slightly curved sole, you will never get stuck even at the curb’s smallest edge.
  • When they get dirty, take a few steps into the water and in a few minutes, they are clean and dry.
  • The sole is made of a mixture of memory foam and EVA rubber. That's why, after a few days, the slipper forms after your feet and becomes so comfortable that you can wear it until October.
  • Covered with non-slip rubber, so you won't slip even if you have sweaty feet.
  • The strap is made of artificial leather and jersey lining. It is wide and doesn't cut between the fingers.

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