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Econic One Smart Urban is our most versatile E-bike for urban explorers to enjoy the city rides and adventures beyond the pavement roads.


 • Always know where your bike is with our GPS tracking and live location

• Lock and unlock your e-bike with your mobile via the Econic One app

• Activate the anti-theft alarm and get an instant notification if someone touches your bike.

Cycling without effort

The built-in electric system will take you anywhere. Comfort is excellent around town. Light, manoeuvrable, stable and with a low entry, it is ideal for the hustle and bustle of the city. This bike is ideal for you if you will do most of the kilometers on city streets, but it also allows for trips to nature on unpaved roads without any problem. The Bafang 250W, 45Nm motor is mounted on the rear wheel and provides you with enough power for almost any situation. The motor has an integrated torque sensor so the bike gives you exactly the amount of help you want or need. It has 5 levels of assistance + walking aid. The motor in the rear wheel does not put a strain on the other components, especially the chain, which therefore have a longer lifespan than with middle motors.


One-piece frame made of corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy. Lightweight and sturdy, it can carry a load of up to 150kg. The geometry is engineered to give the best in terms of durability, stability and comfort with the more upright riding position. Every frame is hand-painted in our factory using high quality powder coating that makes it highly resistant to hits and scratches.


Econic One is the SUV of E-bikes ready to take you everywhere!

Fully equipped with Shimano best quality gear for bike enthusiasts.

Hydraulic Brakes Shimano MT201  Reliable performance on different terrains. One way bleeding and less pad rattling noise. Intuitive braking suitable even for entry level riders.


Bigger and thicker tires than the standard urban bikes that will give you freedom to explore beyond the paved streets.


To keep you and your bike nice and clean in all weather conditions. Fenders also protect the moving components which reduces their wear in the long term.


Protecting your clothes from touching or getting into chainring. Protecting your chain from damage. A perfect finish to the bicycle for your everyday commutes.


Straight handlebar for better control and stability. More upright position to let you experience the most comfortable rides.


Rear derailleur by Shimano Alivio 9 Speed for smooth shifting and control in different riding styles.


Ergonomic grips with palm rest support to prevent extra pressure on your hands and wrists and make long-distance riding more relaxing. Anti-slip design with lock.


The front adjustable fork with lockout will allow you to control the suspension travel according to the type of terrain and enjoy a smooth ride every time.


Wide saddle with aluminum seatpost that will give you the most comfortable rides on both short and long journeys.


Durable front light by Herman built to perform perfectly in all kinds of weather. Equipped with windows to increase side visibility for extra security.

An in-house assembled li-ion battery with Samsung cells for an ultimate range and guaranteed long battery life. Fully integrated electric system customized for each model and incorporated in a seamless design. Our battery is removable in one click, easy to carry and charge, so you can be smart about your routine and explore around for a week on a single charge. 460WH, 2,7KG.



The rear hub motor requires little to no maintenance and doesn’t add any extra stress to other components due to the independent drive system.It is highly efficient on different terrains and gives a feeling of push that is most similar to riding a motorcycle.The 5 levels of pedal assistance will let you conquer every hill, go faster and ride without a drop of sweat.

Power 250W/Peak 500W, max torque 45NM, integrated torque sensor.

Izberite velikost in barvo

Choose size and color

Available in 3 sizes and 4 colors (red, blue, black and white)! 

  • M = up to 180 cm tall
  • L = from 175 to 190cm
  • XL = 190+cm

Possibility of test drive

Come to our salon at Verovškova 60a in Ljubljana and test the bike.


The bike has a 2-year general warranty.


  • Aluminium frame
  • Battery 460Wh,36V (12,78Ah)
  • Bafang motor, 250W, 45 N.m
  • Display Bafang C18 Color LCD
  • Controller: Bafang built into the frame
  • Integrated GPS
  • Electronic lock I LOCK IT Bluetooth 1800Mhz
  • Alarm 110dB
  • Rims: 28/29", Double Wall
  • Continental 1.75x28 tires for carefree driving over curbs
  • Cassete 9sp 11-42 Shimano
  • Chain 9sp Shimano 116 links
  • Gears Shimano Alivio 9 speed
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes Shimano Altus MT201
  • Shimano 180mm Front/ 160mm Rear brake rotors

  • Handlebar AL 640mm, črno
  • Grip: Ergo
  • Saddle City Active DDK
  • Front Fork Suspension 63mm
  • Crankset 38T
  • Front light: Hermans LED
  • Back light: battery
  • Battery charger 36V,2A
  • Max load 115kg.
  • Bike weiht 22kg.

You receive the bike assembled in our showroom or we send it to you in a cardboard box and you assemble it yourself. Assembly instruction video:



Payment in 24 installments:

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