Our leanest, lightest, value-oriented inflatable paddle boards – with the best core essentials.

Built with single layer Linear Knitted Dropstitch, Welded Rail Technology and 2000D Galvanized Rails, makes the Zen Construction even stronger and stiffer than before. The single-layer Linear Knitted Dropstitch was developed by Starboard in close cooperation with its supplier and is for Starboard use ONLY.

The tool-less fin system is quick and easy to set up, now with a long and strong fin box.

Zen boards also include basic sup paddle.



- The vast majority of all sup boards on the market are glued on the edges. Over the years, the glue loosens, so the expected lifespan of most sup boards is 5-10 years.

- Edge welding is a Starboard innovation that can double the lifespan of the board, as it welds the board along the edge for life.

- Welding is also more environmentally friendly than gluing!

- Starboard also offers this technology in its cheapest iGO Zen series.

Starboard Zen 6 LET garancije!

Na vse Starboard Zen sup deske kupljene med 1.1.2023 in 20.8.2023 Starboard poleg splošne 2 letne garnacije ponuja še dodatna 4 leta garancije na neprepustnost robov (to je točka, kjer z leti popusti 90% sup desk). Skupaj kar 6 let garancije!

Za sodelovanje morate po nakupu deske izpolniti obrazec . Potrebovali boste kopijo računa in serijsko številko deske. Brez izpolnitve obrazca vam pripada splošna 2 letna garancija.


- Light and strong linear dropstich material

- Welded edges that double the lifespan

- 2000D galvanized stringer for strength and stability

- Quality push-push valve

Starboard Linear Dropstich



 Linear alignment of space yarns, oriented only in warp direction ( the direction of the board’s length), maximizing the stiffness and response.

  • Linear dropstich also secures the board’s shape better over time compared to standard knitted dropstitch.
  • Linear dropstich with single layer coating is the lightest offering in our collection.
  • What does it mean for you? An ultra light board with the best stiffness that single layer technology can offer, you can feel the acceleration.


Galvanized 2000 D rails increase the strength of the board.

Starboard Igo Zen bag



  • Is designed to minimize weight, yet maximize comfort and strength.
  • Roller wheels available on every bag make it more comfortable for a long walk.
  • Hiking strap is ergonomically curved to ensure good stability on the shoulders.


  • At only 70g, the leash is incredibly light.
  • Soft cushioning means it will flatten when stood on.
  • Easy to attach to the leash ring without needing any excess rope loop.
Starboard iGo Zen leash
Starboar V8 Double Action pump


  • The hand pump with fixed base completes the picture of the price friendly inflatable paddle board.
  • Works both in single and double action.
  • Can be used to inflate and deflate the board


An ergonomically designed screw that can easily be adjusted using the fingers, allows the fin setup to be done without any tool.

Starboard iGo Zen fin
Starboard iGO Zen 3pcs paddle


Starboard sup boards iGO Zen come together with the attached three-piece paddle!


  • A bungee tie down in front of the board, for storing gear and supplies.
  • The bungee is attached with 4 D-rings which can be used to clip on your bags and gear.
  • Zen Touring has additional net in the back.
Starboard iGo Zen
Starboard D-ring


The board is equipped with a D-ring for tying at the front and back. We do not recommend tying to a pier, as the waves can damage the board if it rubs against a sharp part of the pier.


Starboard has committed to planting a mangrove in the Thor Heyerdahl climate park for every sup board sold. More information...


Rewinding to late 2017, when teams at the Starboard Test Centre in Thailand were heading out into the ocean but before entering the water they would collect handfuls of plastic waste. The teams would get so frustrated that during each of their sessions they would come across this waste that was contaminating the seawater and shorelines and impacting biodiversity.

After a while, the waste collections grew before water sessions and the visibly of the waste was getting worse and worse. The founder of Starboard wanted to do more to help. Then he developed the idea, of an internal tax placed upon plastic usage within Starboard, that in return can be used to fund plastic waste cleanups. Starboard then assigned a dollar value to each material based on its lifespan, recycled/bio content, and its ability to harm the environment, then multiplied this by how much is used in products. Fast forward to today, and we now assign 18 THB per KG we need to collect, this is then charged to the profits of the company and pays collectors to remove plastic from the beaches in Thailand.

The Plastic Offset Program was created by Starboard and aims to reduce the amount of waste which stays within the natural environment through clean up. Our collection teams intersect beaches after storms during the monsoon, to collect as much waste as possible to limit the impact on nature. Additionally, the program aims to reduce the amount of waste being incinerated to generate energy and consistently works on ways to increase the amount of waste recycled into new products each year.

Starboard is guilty of contributing to the success of the plastic industry. However, we aim to become part of the solution by reducing our reliance on virgin plastic materials and collecting plastic waste for each board.
When you purchase a board, you are helping us pick up more trash through our Plastic Offset Program. For each board produced we have picked up 1.1 kg of beach/ocean plastic trash. In the last couple of years, this was the estimated amount of plastic trash entering the ocean, per person, per year. This year, we are upping the collection number to the new estimated number, 1.4 kg, following the world trend of exponentially increasing ocean plastics.

The ICUN estimates at least 8 million tonnes of plastic reach the oceans each year. As water lovers, this is something we experience during every session we have on the water and we see this problem increasing at an alarming rate. The problem is here and we have to act now.

The POP program encourages us to rethink and reinvent how we use plastic and further reduce plastic consumption. Eliminating plastics from production, or switching to less harmful varieties and recycled sources (and thus with lower offset prices) incentivised re-engineering and reduction of plastic consumption habits.


We started at the water’s edge as Starboard, a leading watersports equipment innovator,
awarded World Sailing’s Sustainability Award and an Olympic class.
Our products journey has environmental actions integrated for a better climate and ocean health.
Our Plastic Offset Program, VCS certified blue carbon climate parks, education and partnerships
motivates private sector, governments & NGOs.
Blue Tiki solutions now go street level with SOMWR, inviting you to wear positive impact.

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