Rental price?

Don't be afraid of the first price. This applies to a daily rental with which we have the same work as a weekly rental. Weekly rental of an electric bike starts at 150 euros!

Enter the collection and return date and the system will show you which e-bikes are available and the exact prices for that period.


How does the reservation work?

The reservation is free - you only pay when you pick it up!


To begin, select the date when you would like to collect and return the bike. If you need the bike from Saturday to Saturday, you will need to mark pickup on Friday and return on Monday.


Then you choose a bike that is available in the desired time slot. You put it in the basket as in an online store, confirm everything and enter your information. We need all your information because it is automatically transferred to the contract. If this information is not available, the reservation is invalid and you may be left without the desired equipment. Make sure you have the correct identity card number - without it, you will not be able to pick up the ordered equipment.

Confirm everything and you will receive a confirmation of the received reservation by e-mail. If you did not receive the confirmation, check your spam folder and mark that you want to receive our e-mails.

With this, your equipment is guaranteed. Payment is not yet required.


You will receive an e-mail one week before the rental. It will contain basic instructions and a link to payment. If you want to pay in cash, you can do so when you pick it up in person. However, the equipment and contract will not be ready in the future and you may have to wait a little.

When renting an electric bicycle, a security deposit of EUR 500 is required.


On the first day of the rental, come to the Wasup showroom at Verovškova ulica 60a in Ljubljana after 10:00 a.m., where the reserved equipment will be waiting for you. It can get crowded on Friday afternoons, so be prepared to wait a bit if necessary. If the reservation has already been paid and all your information in the reservation is correct, the equipment will already be waiting for you and we will only need to sign the contract. This will shorten the possible wait.


You return the equipment on the last day of the rental by 6 p.m.

The late fee is 80 euros per day.

If you miss more than 2 days without an agreement, it is considered theft/fraud and we file a police report.


If you have changed your mind after making the reservation, be sure to let us know at least 3 days before the start of the rental and we will cancel everything without any costs.

If you have realized that you might want to extend the lease, let us know a day or so before the end of the lease. If the equipment is not already reserved, we will be happy to accommodate you.

If you do not pick up the reserved equipment, we have the right to charge and collect the full rent together with late payment interest and collection costs.

Need help?

Call 040 867 867 or write to


Test before you buy

Would you like to buy an electric bike, but you are not sure if it is the right choice? Rent a bike and test it well on 'your' terrain. If applicable, at Wasup we will deduct the rental costs of up to EUR 100 from the purchase price. The offer is valid for a maximum of 7 days from the day of return!