Supanje z otrokom

Swimming is a great way for family fun and quality time. In addition to encouraging physical activity, it develops the child's motor skills and coordination and eliminates the fear of water. What do you need to know before going out for dinner with your child?

When is the appropriate age to put a child on sup?

As a rule, you can put your child on the sup at around one year of age, when he sits independently and has developed coordination and motor skills . Of course, he also takes care of safety, which is why he always puts on a life jacket and gloves if he doesn't know how to swim yet. For safety, children up to the age of 5 should always be accompanied by their parents. Older people can already go on the sup alone, but under the supervision of their parents.

Accustoming the child to sup

First, make sure that the child feels comfortable in the water. This means that he is not afraid of water and that , if possible, he already knows how to swim . To familiarize him with the board, first place it in shallow and calm water. He sits the little one on the sup, while he/she stands in the water and drives him/her around with his/her hands. Once he gets used to this feeling, move to slightly deeper water and encourage him to stand up.

Don't be in a hurry and expect that you and your baby will be together in just one day. Remember that this is a completely new sensation for him, so he will need some practice to master the balance and feel comfortable. To present the activity to him as fun, you can also encourage him to do mischief, for example jumping from the soup into the water.

sleeping with a child

First strokes in pairs

When the child is completely used to sup, it is time to try supping in pairs. The easiest way is for you to stand on the sup first, and your partner hands you the child, which you sit in front of you . If you and your child are going alone, first sit the child on the sup, and then put yourself on your knees. When you are in deep enough water, stand up and start paddling slowly. Always stay near the shore , where you can return if the child starts to feel uncomfortable. To begin with, the rides should be short, which you gradually lengthen - both in terms of time and distance.

What do you need for sleeping with a child?

You don't need a lot of equipment to swim with a child. To begin with, it is good to have a large and wide enough sup to put a child on it without worry, which is almost every allround or touring sup. It is important to equip your child with a child's life jacket and gloves if he cannot swim. Safety should always come first. Don't forget the sun cream , UV protection shirt and cap for the little one , and fresh water .

In addition to the equipment, your knowledge and confidence on the soup is also important for swimming with your child. Don't go diving with your child until you are so sovereign that you both won't end up in the water at the first loss of balance. Your self-confidence also affects the child - the more sovereign you are, the more the child will trust you and fearlessly embark on a competitive adventure with you.

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Where to go for dinner with a child?

For swimming with a child , calm and stagnant waters with regulated entry and exit points are suitable. When choosing locations, also choose those where the water is not too cold and is suitable for swimming , which is especially important if you fall into the water. Some of the most popular locations for family swimming are certainly the calm sea, and from the inland waters Lake Velenjsko, Soboško, Bohinjsko, Trbojsko jezero...

Makes swiping fun

Once they love soup, you will never go on vacation without soup again. Since riding a soup can quickly become boring for children, you can spice it up in various ways. You can use the soup as a means of transport to find hidden corners where you can spend the afternoon or prepare a picnic with a snack. When you go snorkeling with your child, don't forget the diving mask and flippers so you can observe the marine kingdom. You can also do various pranks on the soup and test your balance, for example by turning on your tail, walking on the soup, standing up, jumping out of the soup ... You can also take a frisbee and pass it from one soup to another.

sleeping with a child