Nasveti za varno supanje po morju

Lately, we often read in the media about the heroic feats of inexperienced beginners. If you just bought a sup and don't have much experience with sup in the sea, read on. In one place, we have collected some practical and useful tips for safe sailing at sea and how to react if you are caught in an unpredictable situation.

Rule 1: Do not go into the water if there is a strong wind

It is true that it is always a bit windy at sea, but if the wind is so strong that it creates waves, the conditions are not suitable for safe windsurfing. Not only will you not get very far, it can quickly catch you and carry you away from shore. If a strong wind catches you while you are paddling, get down on your knees as soon as possible and paddle in this position, in extreme cases, also lie down on the pad and paddle with your hands , like a surfer. Before going out on the water, always check the weather forecast and wind strength . One of the more useful ones is .

Rule 2: Do not go more than 1 km from the shore

According to the navigation rules , you may not go more than 1 km from the shore with a soup . Any crossings from the mainland to the islands or from the island to the island should be forgotten. If you are not surprised by the wind or the current, you may be surprised by the marine traffic or captaincy with a penalty. An inflatable sup is a sports prop that is not exactly comparable to canoes that sink into the water and have better buoyancy in case of wind. The inflatable vulture floats on the water and quickly becomes a windsurfer with you on board in a strong wind.

Rule 3: Take care of safety

If you're going on longer snorkeling tours, always take care of safety and safe snorkeling. This means that you first of all check the weather and currents, tell someone where you are going and when you will return , always use a safety line while snorkeling, have a phone with you and, if necessary, a life jacket . Of course, don't forget a sufficient amount of water and some snacks, even UV protective clothing will not be superfluous, in case you have to spend the night somewhere.

Rule 4: Safe paddling if you get caught in a sea current

If you get caught in a strong current while paddling, don't turn around and paddle against it. This will only rob you of your precious strength, which you still need in such a situation. Better to try to cross it with the current . And most importantly, don't panic at all. Calm blood and the right reaction are the keys to safe paddling when things don't go according to plan on the water.

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