Obvezna oprema na sup izletu

Have you decided to use your sup to discover new places? Maybe you'll finally be able to get to that island you've been watching from the beach every year. Before you go on a sup trip, assess your abilities, study the route and possible dangers, check the weather forecast and don't forget the mandatory equipment. Which one, read below.



Whether you're heading for a short paddle to the next cove or a multi-kilometer tour, it's always a good idea to have a cold drink with you. In the heat, it goes without saying that we consume enough liquid, but if we also have recreation, this is even more important.

During active breathing, they recommend that you drink between 0.4l and 1l of water per hour in constant small amounts . For carrying, you can use a belt to which the water bottle is attached, or you can attach the thermos with a carabiner to the front loops of the sup.



If you paddle, you know it's a great way to get a nice tan. If you use sunscreen, of course. If you forget to apply it, the sun can burn you badly. If you don't go to the beach without sunscreen, don't go out on the water without it either.

We recommend that you reapply the cream every two to three hours even while paddling, as the protection is reduced when sweating and swimming in water. Since you are very exposed to the sun on the sup, use body and face creams with a high protection factor, e.g. SPF 30.


Polarized sunglasses come in handy when the sun's rays are reflected off the surface of the water. Polarized glasses have a special filter that separates light rays from horizontal rays that cause glare.

If you're afraid of losing them in the water, we have a solution for that too – Slastik polarized sunglasses that are worn around the head and close in front with a magnetic closure. 


4. CAP

Cap or any kind of headgear is a must, not only because it blocks the sun, but also protects the head from strong rays and heat. Choose one that is made of quick-drying material, in case it falls into water.



Their essential feature is protection against harmful UV rays, which you are exposed to while paddling. Due to the construction of the shirts and the density of the weave, the sun's rays do not penetrate, which can also provide a UPF 50+ protection factor. Read how they work in the blog .


They are made of elastic and quick-drying materials that are resistant to salt and chlorine.
Almost mandatory equipment for every paddling trip, even short one. Here you can find protective shirts with short and long sleeves from Starboard and NRS brands.



If you are going for a long trip, always have an energy bar or two, fruit or some other snack with you. You can burn up to 800 calories in one hour with active paddling, so the hidden supply will come in handy. Just make sure you choose a fruit-cereal bar, the chocolate one will melt quickly.
To protect food from water, use a waterproof bag that you can easily attach to the sup.


It is always wise to go on SUP trips as a couple or in a larger group, so that in case of problems you can solve them quickly. If you are going on a sup trip alone, always tell someone your planned route and how long you expect it to take, and call in between stops. In any case, take a phone with a full battery, which can serve as navigation or as an emergency call.

To prevent your phone from getting wet, store it safely in a waterproof case or bag.



A safety leash is mandatory equipment for all types of suping, not only for longer trips. It is all the more important for longer trips because it can be crucial. If you paddle without a safety leash on water where there is a strong current, the board can float away when you fall, leaving you in the middle of nowhere without a board. Always make sure the safety line is properly attached to the sup and your leg. It doesn't matter if you have it on your ankle or below your knee, what matters is that you have it.



A life jacket is the second most important thing you need to use in water sports. The first is the brain. No matter what your suping or swimming skills are, never underestimate nature, especially during longer trips at sea or river. A life jacket has the adjective "life-saving" for a reason.

Many recreational paddlers swear by a compact self- inflating life jacket that is worn like a pouch around the waist. This allows for comfortable and unhindered padling and in the event of an accident, it is activated by pulling the cord.

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