Swimming jacket for learning to swim Konfidence Palma Blue 1.5-7 years

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Size: 1.5-3 years
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Konfidence children's swimming jackets are ideal for learning to swim. They are made of neoprene, which retains heat, and provides the swimmer with comfort and a sense of security.

Confidences also work well as a safety element when you have a child on a boat, sup, kayak... It gives him more mobility than classic life jackets. However, I warn that they do not guarantee buoyancy - do not leave the child alone in any case.

How It Works?

With 8 floats that are integrated around the body, we achieve that the hands are free for swimming movements and gestures. Over time, when the child gains knowledge and self-confidence, the floats are slowly removed. When we remove the last float, our child practically knows how to swim.

  • easy removal of buoyancy control floats
  • with an adaptive swimming system, it helps the child to swim and float on the water without becoming dependent on it
  • the jacket enables a much more correct posture during swimming, which makes it easier for the child to learn to swim
  • by removing floats, we gain space, so that the jacket grows with the child
  • when the child becomes a swimmer, the jacket without floats can be used as a neoprene jacket that retains heat
  • and the yellow back ensures high visibility for children
  • they are an excellent alternative to gloves, rings and other swimming accessories
  • neoprene offers 100% UV protection


If the child weighs more than 14 kg, we recommend size 4-5 years. If it is more than 18 kg, we recommend the size 6-7 years

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