UV zaščitna oblačila: zakaj so nepogrešljiva pri supanju?

UV protective clothing: why are they indispensable for windsurfing?

UV protective clothing and shirts are not worn during water sports because they make you look cooler, but primarily to protect you from dangerous and powerful UV rays. They are the easiest and proven way to avoid unnecessary burns during water activities, and on top of that, they are more environmentally friendly than sunscreens.

What are UV protective clothing?

UV protective clothing is made of densely woven industrially obtained threads, through which the sun's rays cannot penetrate, and artificial fibers ensure quick drying . You might be wondering why you should buy more expensive UV shirts when you can protect yourself with a regular cotton shirt? In comparison, a normal dry white cotton t-shirt has a UPF of between 10 and 15, and even less when wet. This is because cotton is a stretchy material that is weighed down and stretched by water, which increases the space between the threads through which UV rays penetrate. What's more, water droplets in a wet fabric act like a magnifying glass, so the sun is even more likely to burn you in a wet cotton T-shirt. One more reason not to dress the little ones in short t-shirts on the beach, but to think of UV shirts for children.

What does the term UPF mean?

When shopping for UV protective clothing, you will come across the abbreviation UPF. This is the term for UV Protection Factor and is a level of protection that indicates how much UV rays the fabric allows to reach the skin . For example, if the protection factor of a Lycra T-shirt is UPF 50, the fabric allows only 1/50 of the sun's rays, or 2%, and it stops 98% of the sun's rays. Protective clothing with UPF 50+ is considered the best , those with UPF between 30 and 49 are considered good , and those with UPF less than 30 are basically not the sun protection you need on your racing venture.

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What is the difference between UPF and SPF?

UPF and SPF are two different ways of evaluating protection. UPF is used when measuring protective clothing and SPF is used when measuring sunscreen . SPF ( Sun Protection Factor ) or the protection factor applies to sun creams and is an indicator of how long the skin is protected after applying the cream before it turns red. For example, if your skin turns red after 10 minutes, a protective cream with factor 15 protects you from reddening 15 times longer, i.e. 2.5 hours.

What to look for when buying protective clothing?

When buying UV protective clothing, always pay attention to the fact that it has a standard label on it, which guarantees that the product really offers protection. Dark clothes reflect UV rays in a way that they absorb them, so they provide better protection than light ones. You can check the weaving quality of the UV T-shirt by placing it against the light and stretching it . If you can see through, UV rays can reach your skin quickly. Wide or narrow UV clothing, the decision is yours, but keep in mind that tight clothing can stretch more due to a few kilograms and thus reduce protection. Long or short sleeve? Definitely a long sleeve in the hot summer sun and on longer tours . Since this is often also a swimming shirt, choose one that dries quickly.

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Why is NRS clothing one of the best?

North River Supplies was founded in 1972 in Idaho. They are a brand that offers everything for water sports in one place, from equipment, clothing to accessories. In our online store you can find UV protective clothing, sports shirts and pants, footwear, life jackets and waterproof bags. NRS UV protective clothing is made of high-quality materials (polyester and spandex), offers UPF 50+ protection , dries quickly and wicks away moisture from the body , and the clothing does not stick to the skin . Their special feature is that they do not have seams under the armpit , so they do not irritate the skin during rowing. Due to their trendy appearance, you can wear them both during sports activities and for everyday wear .

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