5 preprostih korakov supanja za začetnike


Stand up Paddleboarding is becoming more and more popular. For beginner paddlers, we have prepared 5 steps for successful suping, following which you will avoid beginner mistakes.


  • Choose a sup board according to your height and weight . The taller and heavier you are, the longer and above all the wider the board should be. Namely, the width of the sup is what guarantees you greater stability and a better and easier start.
  • The paddle should be adjustable in length . Set the length to 15-20 cm more than your body height.
  • Good additional equipment is also important for a high-quality paddling experience.
  • Take care of sun protection : sunglasses, cream, hat, protective clothing.
  • Don't forget about hydration , always have a bottle of water with you.
For more information regarding the selection of suitable equipment, visit our showroom at Verovškova 60a in Ljubljana, where we also offer the possibility of renting sup boards .


For an easier start, choose calm water (lake or calm sea) that has a standing depth.
  • Come up with your knees to the middle of the board (where the handle is).
  • Paddle on on your knees for a while .
  • When you have balance on your knees, while slowly moving forward, put the paddle in front of you (perpendicular to the board), lean on it with your hands and stand up. The feet must be in the middle of the board.


If you fall into the water in the meantime, you can get back on the sup according to the procedure below:



A good balance position is essential for successful swinging. By observing the following instructions, you will get up and stay on the board faster and easier.
  • Stand in the middle of the board , where the handle is. This ensures that the board lies flat on the water (does not sink with the front or back end).
  • Keep your legs shoulder-width apart , feet turned slightly outwards, weight evenly distributed on both legs, in the center.
  • The knees are slightly bent and act as shock absorbers in rougher water.
  • The hips are balanced above the knees .
  • The gaze is directed straight ahead.


The paddle is your third point of support, which can help you if you lose your balance, so it's important to know how to use it correctly.
  • Always hold the paddle with both hands .
  • If you start to lose your balance, lower yourself and try to regain your balance with your paddle in the water . The lower you are and the more you put the paddle to the side, the easier it will be.
  • Turn the paddle so that the blade is bent in the direction of the sup nose (forward).


When you have managed to establish and maintain your balance on the paddle and hold the paddle correctly in your hand, the only thing that separates you from successful and comfortable paddling is the correct paddling. One that will provide you with maximum power and speed, with the least amount of energy. Take into account:
  • Your arms are just the lever of your power, the main power of paddling comes from the larger and stronger muscles of the back and abdomen .
  • The shoulders are the connection between the paddle and the back muscles. They must be relaxed, by opening the chest and directing the lower shoulder forward and the upper back, you enable a longer swing .
  • With the blade perpendicular to the direction of movement, push the paddle into the water, then by rotating the hips and shoulders, pull yourself and the sup forward (as in cross-country skiing, when you push yourself forward, not the stick back).
  • To lift the paddle out of the water, rotate the wrist of the lower hand and the thumb of the upper hand forward.
  • When paddling, remember the rule: the less you splash, the less you will sweat.

You can watch a video showing the correct forward stroke technique below:

We believe that if you follow these 5 steps, you will enjoy suping and become part of our big family. Alternatively, you can call us on 040 867 867 and arrange a short free suping course on Lake Trboje.

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