4 znaki po katerih prepoznaš kakovosten sup

4 signs by which you can recognize a quality sup

You've probably already noticed the terns, which, like martins in the sun, flooded the sea and lakes in good weather. Even merchants advertise sup as the hottest commodity of this summer in every catalog and at every turn. If you are thinking about buying a soup, we have prepared a short guide on how to identify the one that will be worth your money and which will serve you for more than just one season in the flood of all soups.

1. Manufacturing technology

The quality of the soup mostly depends on the materials it is made from and what technology was used to make the soup. Lower quality soups are generally single-layered (have one layer of PVC material), use older technology and have individual parts glued together, which is why they are generally cheaper, but also have a shorter lifespan. Quality soups are double-layered, which makes them more resistant to scratches and impacts, use the latest technology, have individual parts heat-bonded together, and have a denser woven interior. As a rule, they are more expensive and have a longer lifespan. Some premium brands, such as Starboard, can also boast of using recycled materials and plastics. So pay attention to this when buying soup:

  • Is the soup single layer or double layer? Double-layer is more resistant to shocks and scratches, among single-layer look for at least reinforced single-layer material.
  • Are the individual parts of the soup and the edges glued or heat welded? The glue is the weakest point of the soups, which weakens over the years. Starboard's Welding Rail technology welds all parts, including edges, to last forever.
  • How thick is the fabric inside? The sup that has more of them is strong and bends less. Starboard has even developed the Wowen Dropstich technology , which, with fewer threads and the resulting lower weight of the soup, still provides exceptional strength and stability.
  • How many dogs does it inflate to? As far as the recommended max psi is 15 psi, we like to say that it is not a sup, but an inflatable toy and we do not recommend buying such a sup. Better quality and double layer soups may still have the recommended max psi of 16, but they can handle more. For example - if you inflate a single-layer low-cost soup to a maximum of 15 psi in the morning and leave it in the sun during the day, the pressure in the soup can increase to 20 psi, which the soup cannot withstand and can blow it.

    2. The establishment of the brand in the world of cupping

    Whether it is present in the competitive world, where the best competitors are measured on the best boards, tells you a lot about the quality of the brand. Starboard is one of the leading brands in the world of windsurfing, their athletes win medals again and again, which is the best possible confirmation of the company's quality and good work. And even though the pros paddle on hard paddles, inflatable paddle technology comes very close to that. Another alarm that can tell you how good a brand is is its appearance on Bolha and other sales portals. Namely, you don't change soup that is of good quality and meets all your needs overnight, so you have to be lucky if you want to find a Starboard or Shark soup on Bolha.

    3. Possibility of testing before purchase

    Before buying, it is good to have the opportunity to check the soup live. This way you can see how it behaves on the water, how flat it sails, how easy it is to turn... Many dealers do not offer this, so the disappointment when buying can be considerable. At Wasup, we regularly organize test days at various locations around Slovenia, where you can try out soups of different production quality and price ranges firsthand. Starboard , Shark , F2 , Air Degree and Wasup inflatable sups are available for testing, and the brave can also paddle with Starboard's hard sup. If you don't want to miss the next test day, sign up for our newsletter!

    4. Warranty and official service

    If you're buying a new soup and the seller doesn't give you a warranty, walk away as soon as possible. This means that it cannot guarantee a repair or replacement if something goes wrong with the soup. And with low-cost soups, this occurs much more often. Imagine how you would solve a leaking valve on a soup you bought at a discount store while on vacation in Korčula. Wasup is a specialized shop with sup equipment and for many years the official representative of the Starboard and Shark Sup brands in Slovenia. With every purchase of a new soup, you get a 2-year warranty, and we also offer service and repair , and we answer the phone even if you call us from Korčula about a leaking valve.

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